'Challenge' Vet Wes Shares His Mother's Dating Mandates [Video]

Competitors of "Challenges" past have described brutal training regimens as methods of preparation, and generally, Wes has stood among them. Before "Battle Of The Seasons" kicked off, though, the vet took a new approach to getting ready for the game--discussing sex with his mom! Hey, things didn't go so well for him on "Exes," so a new strategy was at least worth a shot.

A noticeably calmer Wes ("I really could kind of care less about this 'Challenge'" are words we never expected to hear from the consummate manipulator) joins his teammates Melinda, Danny and Lacey to lay down his pre-game predictions in the interviews below, and Wes says he's been explicitly instructed to stay far away from his fellow female cast mates (like "gold-digging whore" Trishelle) by his mother. Yikes! Hear him dish the dirt right after Danny and Melinda give an update on life post-divorce:

While Team Austin has a ton of history, Team Las Vegas includes competitors who just met. But old-timers Alton and Trishelle say they have no reservations about coming out swingin' alongside their younger teammates. "I've watched her go face-first down a mountain...literally almost kill herself, and then compete the next day," Alton says of his former "Gauntlet" teammate. On the other end of the spectrum, first-timer Nany isn't worried about being targeted. "A rookie and a vet is just a title," she says. "It comes down to performance." Check it out:

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