Our 5 Favorite Friendship Moments From 'Snooki & JWOWW'

Boo. After 12 episodes of TMI sex chats, lame attempts at cooking, drag show pranks and the occasional bad decision, the first season of "Snooki & JWOWW" has reached its end. But, true to form, the girls went out with a little something special to catch us all off guard: boyfriend-swapping! We haven't seen dudes interrogated like that since our junior prom.

So what have we learned about Nicole and Jenni's friendship throughout the show? That's an easy one: They've always got each other's backs. We'll get to see more bonding and, of course, bickering during the final season of "Jersey Shore" (premieres on Oct. 4), but until then, here are our picks for the top five BFF moments of "S&J":

Practice run in motherhood. Jenni could have thrown a plastic baby at Nicole and said, "You're on your own, bitch!" but she didn't. Instead, she got a creepy haunted doll of her own and battled impromptu poops, 3 a.m. cry-fests and even a gay bar-outing with the Joeys alongside mother-to-be Snooks. Friends 'til the end!

Sex museum hijinks. Going somewhere as shocking and uncomfortable as NYC's Sex Museum can take a friendship to the next level. Snooks and JWOWW took notes on freaky-deaky ducks, mating monkeys and wild fetishes that would make even the most smush-happy folks blush. Thankfully, these grossed-out guidettes lived to tell the tale.

Ridin' the crimson tide. As the girls were searching for the perfect palatial Jersey City pad to call home, Jenni forgot her own, er, pad. Because the TP was MIA (seriously, realtors?!), Nicole saved the day with her bagel napkin. Whew. F**k off, Aunt Flo!

Droppin' deuces. While browsing for leopard-print everything with which she could decorate her firehouse-turned-guidette haven, Nicole had to poop...pronto (according to Dr. Snooki, "you shouldn't hold your poop in, especially when you're preggers"). But, when Mama Meatball encountered a turd already taking laps in the toilet, she flipped out. Luckily, Jenni and her handy bottle of sanitizer quickly came to the rescue.

Farewell, friend. Ugh, it huuuurts! Snooki and JWOWW's goodbye breaks our hearts. Yes, Nicole is pregnant, and the logical thing to do is to move in with her love, Jionni. And, yes, Jenni could benefit from a little one-on-one time couple's counseling with Roger. We support the move 100 percent, but it makes us rull sad. Even tough-as-nails Jenni shed a li'l salt-water drop! That's big BFF stuff right there.

+ What will you miss the most about "Snooki & JWOWW?" Comment with your favorite moments from the show!

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Photo: Scott Schafer