Dalis Gets Emotional Over Ryan And Maci's Fighting [Sneak Peek]

It's not uncommon for Maci and Ryan to find themselves at odds, but even Dalis--Ryan's girlfriend--is now affected by their bickering. Ryan tells his parents about the latest quarrel he and his ex had in the sneak peek of tonight's "Teen Mom Unseen Moments" special below, and Dalis can't help but get emotional.

As Bentley's dad recounts his argument with Maci, Dalis breaks down, saying she's tired of watching her boyfriend get pummeled by his child's mother. "It's just frustrating," she says, as she attempts to obscure her tears with her sleeve. "She tries to make Ryan look so stupid. It's so annoying." Ryan and his parents aren't exactly sure what to say to comfort Dalis, but thankfully, Bentley can always be counted on. "Here, would you like some apples?" the little guy says as he hands Dalis a bag of...grapes. No shortage of smiles thereafter.

+ Check out the clip, and make sure to tune in to the "Unseen Moments" special tonight at 10/9c!

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