'The Challenge' Spy Cam: Trishelle's The New Head Bitch In Town

"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" doesn't air until September 19, but Remote Control is helping you get an early look at the sheer cray that went down in Turkey via our insider Spy Cam. With former friends and rivals from past seasons of "Real World" teaming up for cash, this cycle is overflowing with romance, cutthroat competition and, of course, drama--and so is the early footage we're leaking! Check back with the blog right up until the premiere episode for exclusive access to vids showcasing the new batch of players.

Over the past couple of weeks, we've been promising a new "Challenge" chock full of nasty rivalries and over-the-top feuds, but up until now, we haven't had license to show you much. Consider this your pay day! In addition to releasing the first act of the premiere this morning, we're giving you the below Spy Cam clip featuring some major action at the villa in Turkey.

Apparently, someone made a comment about a same-sex lip lock (Frank and Derek!?), which instigates a fight between Jonna and Trishelle. After some vicious name-calling, Trishelle's Las Vegas teammate Alton steps in to sound off against Zach, who appears to be defending the Cancun cutie's honor. Hmm, we wonder what Ashley has to say about her man swooping in to play white knight for another girl? Could it be that ZAshley's post-San Diego bliss was short-lived?

It's hard to hear much over the scuffle except for Trishelle's brazen "Everyone hates you here!" directed at Jonna. And as she's dragged away to cool off, Trishelle refuses to go quietly into the night; she resets her laser sights on Sam, curses her out and flees the scene of the crime. Phew, and now we're emotionally exhausted.

+ Think Trishelle's angry antics will screw her over when it comes time to send someone into the elimination challenges? Check out the video and share your thoughts!

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