JWOWW Compares Her Relationship To That Of The Legendary SamRon [Video]

For most relationships, consistency is key, but as we saw across 12 episodes of "Snooki & JWOWW," Jenni's relationship with Roger isn't like most relationships. During this season of the series, the couple consistently fought like rabid (not to mention, sexually frustrated) dogs, a few times almost calling it quits. Even the Season 6 trailer of "Jersey Shore," which was filmed after she and Snooki left their Jersey City digs, shows them really getting into it.

Their earthquake-equivalent blowups often call to mind Seaside Heights' infamous Ronapocalypse, and in this clip from our final "Confessional," Jenni admits that the comparison isn't too far off. "When it becomes repetitive like that, you start to feel like Ron and Sam," she says.

SamRon are currently in a blissful state, playing house in New York, but only time will tell if Jenni and Roger can work through their issues. In the meantime, it appears as if their dates to the gym are doubling as anger management.

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Photo: Scott Schafer