10K Tweets Later, Check Out The First Act Of 'Battle Of The Seasons' [Video]

Twenty-eight competitors? Seven "Real World" seasons? WRONG! Now that you've successfully tweeted #TheChallenge 10,000 times, we're going to let you in on a little secret: We lied. "Battle Of The Seasons" will feature 32 former cast members and eight teams overall, as you'll quickly find out in the below sneak of the premiere's first act. Congrats for hitting your goal, guys!

As usual, the Challengers arrive to an exotic location (this time, Turkey!) to learn their fates, and TJ has quite a surprise for them all--the championship team this season will walk away with $250,000 to split! Some might consider this the end of student loan payments, but as Brooklynite Devyn observes: "Do you know how many lip glosses and shoes that is?!" Danny and Melinda struggle to keep their poker faces in tact as they come face-to-face for the first time in two years, poker player Trishelle and her partner Alton are forced to work alongside newbs Dustin and Nany, whom they've never met, and Jemmye, who donated all of Knight's clothes to charity after he cheated on her, has her work cut out for her as a part of Team NOLA.

After the crews learn they'll be living in the Eurasian equivalent of Princess Jasmine's palace, Marie and Trey take some time to mend their St. Thomas fences while Frank and Ashley's San Diego scuffles show no sign of stopping. Cancun seems to be the only team without obvious conflict (odd, since half of its cast were former rivals), and if CJ has his way, they'll start at the top and make sure Wes and the rest of Austin take the early flight home.

+ Take a look at the first 18 minutes of "BOTS," and tell us who you think has the best chance of nabbing the blue ribbon! And, of course, tune in to Wednesday night's 90-minute premiere to see how the rest of the episode plays out.

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