Vinny Guadagnino Continues To Prove Why He's The Best Babysitter Ever [Video]

Simply letting your neighbors' kids stay up past their bedtimes will no longer be enough to earn you the title of Coolest Babysitter Ever. In his quest to be a favorite among young ones (and since he was on a break from fist-pumping with little Lorenzo), Vinny of "Jersey Shore" cast some rather saucy children to dance in his music video remake of PSY's "Gangnam Style," and even though it's devoid of explosions, stables and steam rooms, it's still pretty cool!

After Vinny gives a modest step or two to the sound of the track's start, a young co-star sporting don't-mess-with-me sunglasses and a special talent for high kicks steps on through the sliding doors and struts her stuff. And from there, it's on. More kids arrive (one with a clutch fake mustache!) to shake their tailfeathers, and even though PSY, himself, just appeared on this season's "Saturday Night Live" premiere, we can confidently say THIS is the show you don't wanna miss.

+ Check out the clip below, and tell Vinny if you've got a request!

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