Fast & Furious? Not So Much On 'Ridiculousness' [Sneak Peek]

Stunt car racers draw throngs of fans for a reason: They're fearless. Frighteningly, though, there are some real amateurs among them, and on the next "Ridiculousness," Rob Dyrdek and professional driver Vaughn Gittin Jr. will give a nod to the absolute worst of the worst. From the rusted trucks to overconfident Corollas, this is "Non-Gittin' Jrs."

In the sneak peek of tonight's all-new episode below, drivers with tons of gall and pretty much no talent take to the tracks, as well as barren wastelands, to try to "drift," or pass by objects or other cars really closely without touching them. It turns out, most people really suck at this, and are likelier to collide with other parked cars than give a good show. Needless to say, we hope these guys were wearing their seat belts--but by the looks of things, that almost definitely wasn't the case.

+ Check out the video, and make sure to tune in to an all new "Ridiculousness" tonight at 10/9c!

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