Exclusive Online Special: Diem Brown And Other Young Cancer Survivors Share Their Stories

Diem Brown on "Fresh Meat" and "The Duel."

With a cutthroat show like "The Challenge," we don't always get the opportunity to write about the good in people -- more so, the greed. It's a game designed purely to elicit drama, but every once in a while, one of the cast members will share something personal on camera that spins the series on its head. The most powerful example of this was when Diem Brown revealed on "Fresh Meat" that she was suffering from ovarian cancer. The reality competition unintentionally shifted into a documentary of Diem's recovery (and eventually a love story on "The Duel"), and the players' usual wild antics took a backseat to her inspirational struggle.

Diem prevailed in her fight against the disease, but this past June -- six years into remission -- she was told by doctors that her cancer had returned. It was a devastating blow, but one that instilled in her an unwavering strength and focus that's led her on a mission to help other patients...and to kick cancer's ass, once and for all.

Diem recently underwent surgery to remove her ovary and is about to begin chemotherapy, but before she steps onto the battleground, she's working relentlessly to educate people about the disease, spread compassion to those affected by it and empower everyone to take control of their health.

In this MTV.com exclusive special, Diem sits down with four young women who've beaten their cancers for an honest, touching discussion about their experiences. Take a look, and please leave your well wishes for Diem as she embarks on the second fight of her life -- she's reading, and she loves hearing from you!

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Photos: Jason Campbell

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