That's What You Said...About Whether Kyle Cheated On Maci

What exactly constitutes cheating? Is physical contact with someone outside of the relationship the only sure indicator, or can a connection through online conversation be equally damaging? Maci and Kyle were forced to examine what fidelity meant to them both during the "Teen Mom" finale special, and while Kyle admitted he'd been talking to other girls--which ultimately led to his and Maci's breakup--he didn't see it as cheating.

Obviously, being the opinionated readers you are, you had a lot of thoughts about faithfulness' bounds on Remote Control and Facebook. Take a look at who defended Maci, who defended Kyle and what everyone had to say on the subject of cheating.

Remote Control:

"Everyone defines cheating in a different way. If a woman was chit-chatting online with another man, then it could be emotional cheating. Most men are known for physically cheating, but they can cheat the other way, too." -- Karinthia

"He didn't even cheat! There is a difference between talking to someone and seeing how they are doing versus actually cheating (kissing, sex, etc.). I see no problem in him talking to girls as long as the topic isn't sexual." -- Shaunna

"They need to learn how to communicate. Remember back in a previous episode when they broke up, she didn't even try to stop him from leaving. She just let him walk right out." -- Ang124


"I truly hope they can communicate and determine what it is that they want from each other. Kyle appears to be such a mature, great guy and I think he's perfect for Maci." -- Teresa S.

"Sorry to say, but she should have seen it coming. She moved into a home he owned, things were just too rushed and I am sure he felt pressured." -- Angel V.

"I would feel the same way as Maci. Sorry, Kyle, but if you're with one woman, you shouldn't be chatting it up with old flames." -- Jamie C.

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