Five Clubs 'The Inbetweeners' Should Have Founded

Let's be honest: "The Inbetweeners"' venture into "Co-o-ooooking Club" was an absolute disaster, but when one dough-smeared door closes, another opens. So, which extracurricular activities should the offbeat friends have presented to that crappy assembly instead? Here are five organizations we could see Neil, Jay and the gang diving into:

Spanish Club: Because it's Simon's perfect excuse to refer to Carly as "Mami" and take her on a tapas date! Paris may be the most romantic city in the world, but Spain's the birthplace of...Sangria.

Improv Club: Simply put, you can get away with anything onstage. And, unlike studying, mackin' on chicks or getting a non-embarrassing after-school job, it's something these animated guys might actually excel at. Lastly, a starring role in a play nearly guarantees a lip-lock with the leading lady.

Drum Circle Club: OK, so chicks won't be so into this, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Neil could play a mean djembe. And, if you consider how hilarious it would be to see stuffy, buttoned-up Will swinging his arms like a dippy hippie, this would be worth it for the pointing-and-laughing ridiculousness.

Swag Club: Includes just chilling, listening to some Odd Future and kickin' it. Besides occasional amusement park trips, hangin' is pretty much all these friends do in their free time, so they might as well open their circle and learn something from their (possibly cooler) peers.

Sex Club: Because...duh. Jay, this seriously never crossed your mind? Get cracking, kid!

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