Jillian Rose Reed Has This 'Awkward.' Dating Advice: 'Poison His Cupcakes'

Tamara (...what's her last name...?) of "Awkward" has all the relationship insight of a recluse, but actress Jillian Rose Reed--who's got a leg up on her more frazzled character--is happy to step in and help. In "Make Up Or Break Up 101," JRR investigates whether certain dating-related scenarios were handled as well as they could have been on the show. As you could have probably predicted, none were, in our redheaded professor's opinion, but worry not, Palos Hills High School: It's all uphill from there!

First, Jill tackles what to do if you, like Tamara, ever catch your crush making out with your mortal enemy. The incident amounted to a rather unfortunate pants-pee spectacle for Tamara, but Jillian says she might have handled Ricky Schwartz's disloyalty a liiiiiiitle differently. "What I would do is forgive my crush," she imparts. "And then poison his cupcakes." Easy enough! And from the Matty/Jenna/Jake love triangle to the the plight of being single, there's no love rock unturned. Notebook full yet?

+ Catch the original video, and tell us if you think Jillian's advice is worth a try! (Still, we feel obligated to advise against "Ninja chopping" your prom date's leg until he's got a limp.)

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