'The Challenge' Spy Cam: Chet Tries To Woo Trishelle With A Massage

"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" doesn't air until September 19, but Remote Control is helping you get an early look at the sheer cray that went down in Turkey via our insider Spy Cam. With former friends and rivals from past seasons of "Real World" teaming up for cash, this cycle is overflowing with romance, cutthroat competition and, of course, drama--and so is the early footage we're leaking! Check back with the blog right up until the premiere episode for exclusive access to vids showcasing the new batch of players.

There's definitely something addictive about "The Challenge." After all, we're now entering our 23rd season of The Games! For us, the intense physical and mental competitions are the initial draw, but it's the personal stuff that keeps us coming back for more each week. This show has seen everything along the love spectrum: from innocent flirtations to blossoming relationships. And let's not forget the awkward rejections! The Spy Cam vid below is a perfect example...

We've got to give props to our favorite Mormon hipster Chet for so shamelessly trying to woo Las Vegas vet Trishelle...in her bed! The Brooklyn castie tries everything--a back massage, playful spooning  and some witty banter--to win over her heart, but the professional poker player just won't take the bait. To be honest, we're not totally sure why she's so resistant! Chet's got a unique sense of style (hello there, Gatsby) and the charm of a professional on-air personality; a girl could do worse. Maybe it's because she knows a master manipulator when she sees one, or maybe she's just not into his negative energy, but either way, it looks like Trishelle will be putting the kibosh on any romantic entanglements with Chet this season.

+ Think Chet will be able to charm his way into Trishelle's heart (or anyone else's, for that matter) on "Battle Of The Seasons"? Check out the clip and share your thoughts!

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