He'll Be A Stuntman Yet! Bentley From 'Teen Mom' Is Poppin' Wheelies [Video]

If a child can finish his peas at age three, his parents are usually over the moon, but Bentley is making sure Maci has more to brag about to the other teen moms at playgroup. Maci recently shared a clip of her little guy tearing up some green space at the 2012 Vurb Classic, and all we can say after watching the eight-minute-long mini-adventure is TRAINING WHEELS WHO?!

"What are you gonna do on it?" Bentley's asked as he settles himself on his bike. "I dunno," he responds, while ensuring his helmet's safety clasp has been successfully set. "Pop wheelies?" And, friends, pop wheelies, he does. Segways and golf carts buzz back and forth in the background, and some dirt-bikers pull up beside the thrill-seeker for the latest off-the-track gossip, but Bentley makes it clear he's in it for the love of the sport above all else--fame and fortune are just white noise.

+ Check out the clip below, and tell us if you think Bentley has what it takes to follow in Evel Knievel's footsteps!

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