Once And For All, Who Should Jenna Choose: Matty Or Jake?

After Jenna's blog went public on "Awkward," and the true story of her love triangle became apparent, everyone from The Julies to complete Palos Hills High School randoms weighed in on her dilemma (should she pick Matty or Jake???). And that includes you, dear readers, judging from your extremely split comments and declarations of "TEAM MATTY!" and "JAKE FTW!"

Since Jenna is still struggling, herself, to make a choice between the two, it's high time we clear up her love life once and for all--or at least until tonight's episode. Peruse our handy list of pros and cons, then state where you stand.

Matty, The Pros: In the words of Jake, "He's a good-looking guy with a great head of hair and a really big heart." Matty has also been a good friend to Jenna, doling out relationship advice and picking up the pieces of her broken heart (with his lips).

Matty, The Cons: He has armpit issues and is lacking in the romance department (a supply closet? Really, McKibben?). He also gave Jenna the cold shoulder in the hallways shortly after yanking her V-card, a secret he ultimately kept from his bestie for months.

Jake: The Pros: As Matty sees it, "It's that kind of thoughtfulness that makes Jake the better contender. He's about the best kind of friend to have around when the going gets tough." Jake also at least tries to be romantic (a souped-up van covered in rose petals is a step above a closet, for sure) and is generally honest with his feelings, despite being a little loose with the L-word.

Jake: The Cons: Jake is quick to throw punches at his on-again/off-again best bro and tends to let his pride get in the way of mending his relationship.

Who should Jenna choose once and for all?

  • Matty
  • Jake
  • Neither

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