Diem Brown Fights Cancer With Fierce New 'Do [Photos]

Diem Brown poses for a picture at the "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon on Sept. 7.

Upon first glance, Diem Brown would strike anyone as a sweet, innocent young woman with not an enemy in the world, but MTV's "Challenge" fans know better. Yes, she's incredibly sweet, but she's also a take-no-s**t survivor, and she's out to kick cancer's ass...for a second time.

We met up with Brown recently to tape an online special focused on her struggles with ovarian cancer (check back here next week for the premiere), and while her angelic smile was what first struck us most, it was quickly overshadowed by her mindfulness and raw conviction: This was a girl who was sick of being messed with, and ready to push back.

Diem revealed to us that the first time she underwent treatment for cancer, she played a much less active role in her recovery process than she is currently. For instance, not only has she now shifted her career path from entertainment reporter to patient advocate--just last week taking part in the national "Stand Up To Cancer" telethon--but she's literally wearing her battle cry: "fight." Before the side effects of chemotherapy take hold, Diem is showing this disease what she's made of with the help of an electric razor and shears, and she's never looked hotter.

All together now: F**K CANCER!

One word says it all for Diem Brown.

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Photos courtesy of @DiemBrown

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