'The Challenge' Spy Cam: Derek And Robb's Fight Ends In Torn Clothing

"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" doesn't air until September 19, but Remote Control is helping you get an early look at the sheer cray that went down in Turkey via our insider Spy Cam. With former friends and rivals from past seasons of "Real World" teaming up for cash, this cycle is overflowing with romance, cutthroat competition and, of course, drama--and so is the early footage we're leaking! Check back with the blog right up until the premiere episode for exclusive access to vids showcasing the new batch of players.

Over the course of its many seasons, "The Challenge" has changed a lot. It's lived everywhere from Namibia to Prague; it's seen its cast members compete alone, with their exes and on teams comprised of "Real World" housemates; and it's even changed hosts a few times. But no matter how much the show differs from season to season, there is always one reliable constant: CT drama. With so many different personalities living in one (enormous) house together, it's natural for people to rub each other the wrong way. Add booze and hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake, and insignificant scuttles become full-fledged, dishes-being-thrown blowouts.

Fights come in all shapes and sizes, but they usually involve some key ingredients: yelling, cursing and, many times, people getting up real close in each other's business. Take, for instance, this match below caught on the Spy Cam. It's hard to know exactly what Derek and Robb are arguing about--perhaps "Cancun" alum Derek made a crack about "St. Thomas" castie Robb's red hair or his superhero alter ego? Regardless, both dudes go head to head (literally) in a screaming match, and neither seems willing to back down.

+ Think Robb's t-shirt ripping will prove an effective intimidation tactic and force Derek to cower in fear? Check out the clip and share your thoughts!

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