Snooki's Left Speechless When Asked If She'd Drop Her Career For Jionni [Video]

Jionni hasn't made it a secret that he detests his fiance's fame, as well as her "Jersey Shore" meatball antics. He fell in love with shy, caring, compassionate Nicole--not wild, public-urinating party girl Snooki. Thing is, one doesn't exist without the other. The guy's future wife and baby mama is equal parts sweet and sassy, and as her best friend Jenni said repeatedly during Seasons 4 and 5, he needs to accept every part of Snooki/Nicole (heretofore, for the sake of this blog post, referred to as "Snicole") in order for the relationship to work.

For the most part, Jionni's been up for the challenge, though he did mention to Jenni on tonight's "Snooki & JWOWW" finale that his beloved's celebrity persona still irks him. Is it a deal breaker for him? Absolutely not, but when we asked Snicole what she'd do if he ever handed out an ultimatum, she became flustered, and didn't have a definitive answer. "Choosing between Jionni or work...that's like a crazy thing that I hope would never happen," she says in the "Confessional" clip below.

Jionni and Snicole are clearly way too smitten with each other (and their beautiful baby boy!) to ever think of breaking up, but this video really hammers home how much the new MILF treasures her career:

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