Ronnie Opens Up About Being Real-Life Roommates With His 'Sweetheart'

Let's be honest: When we first heard Ronnie and Sammi of "Jersey Shore" had plans to move in together, we feared for the safety of the couple's flatware and kitchen appliances. By the sounds of it, though, things are going...well? Ron recently opened up about living in sin with his "Sweetheart," and it turns out, the couple may have morphed into the rare strain of compatible roommates. In this case, stranger things have not happened.

"It's going really well," Ronnie recently told the Long Island Newsday. "We're just getting settled in. I'm used to living with her, but it's better without the cameras." Ron caught up with the publication while supporting Sammi's SXE Fitness line at New York Fashion Week and also took the opportunity to weigh in on the final season of "Jersey Shore." "I always went into every season like it was the last season," he said. "The first season was supposed to be the last season; the second season was supposed to be the last season."

+ Are you surprised to hear the pair's space is zen, or do you think distance from other roommates is all Ronnie and Sammi needed to get into a groove? Share your opinions on the Ortiz-Magro/Giancola mailbox label, plus check out the video below of Sam dishing on her debut fitness line at New York Fashion Week.

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