Snooki's All Growed Up And Teaching Lil' Enzo Life Lessons...Through Her Twitter!

For someone who partied harder in a few summers than any of us ever will in our lifetime, we're pleasantly surprised to find that the lessons Snooki has begun passing on to her mini meatball are...wholesome! What kindergarten classes and fairy tales are made of, even. Motherhood seems to be fitting the "Snooki & JWOWW" star better than a pouf or her new crazypants leopard boots.

Lead by example? Girl's got it down, and in the wild world of Twitter, no less. Here are three nuggets of wisdom she's already indirectly imparted:

Lesson One: Pay It Forward

While Enzo was growing in her tummy, Nicole had a team of helpers, from a gaggle of gay best friends with a knack for quieting fake babies to her best friend JWOWW, who held her hand every step of the way. Now, she's paying their kindness forward by easing pregnant women's fears!

Lesson Two: Sticks And Stones May Break Your Bones, But Names Will Never Hurt You

From the days of getting clocked in the face by a dude to fending off cheating accusations from Sitch, Snooks has never let the haters affect her happiness. Not only is she turning a classy cheek to the latest Twitter-bashing of her mommy potential, she's doing it in the coolest way possible: by being incredibly mature about it. While the constant online criticism would be enough to, say, lead us into Nervous Breakdownland, she rarely stoops to her motormouths' level, teaching Baby Enzo the right way to handle his battles when he's a grown-up gorilla.

Lesson Three: Let The World Be Your Cheerleader

Regardless of how blessed Snooki is to be a mom, taking care of a baby is hard work. But, when you have support from other people who can relate, even if they're strangers, life becomes a million times easier (and more fun!). By banding together with fellow mommies, she's setting a good example for Lorenzo to always surround himself with positivity.

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki

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