Snooki Makes Her Triumphant Return To The Tanning Bed!

Snooki shines one shade darker after re-visiting the tanning salon.

Earlier in 2012, Snooki shocked the "Jersey Shore" system by announcing she was fast on her way to breaking the guidette record for tanning abstinence (baby's health above all else!). And while the new mom drew much fan support for her paler complexion, we knew it was only a matter of time after Lorenzo's birth that she'd rush to the salon and reacquaint herself with those long, lost UV rays.

This weekend, Nicole broke the news that she's back in bed with her ex lover. "OMG just went tanning since like a year ago," she happily tweeted, also posting a photo of the after glow. Just like old times.

There would be diaper changes and late-night feedings to follow, but now Snooks could power through it with the strength only synthetic sunshine can provide. Popeye needed his spinach; Snooki needs tanning. It's just the way of things.

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Photo courtesy of @Snooki

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