'Dude, I'm Not Fine' And Other 'Ridiculous' One-Liners [Sneak Peek]

A picture's worth a thousand words, but a clip of a skateboard careening toward a dude's nether-regions? That can best be summed up in a single statement. (We're partial to the highly original "That s**t was f**kin' crazy!")

Tonight's "Ridiculousness" red couch guest, Kat Graham, helps Rob Dyrdek and crew sort through some of the Internet's best one-liners in this sneak peek of the episode, feasting their eyes on a variety of videos that would be lacking without the perfect tag line. From "DUDE, I'm not fine!" to "Clinton, you fat piece of crap!" each is better than the last. And when a man on a fishing trip utters "RIGHT IN THE MOMMY DADDY BUTTON!" after getting nailed by an errant catch, the collection is officially complete.

Check out the video, and make sure to tune in to an all new "Ridiculousness" tonight at 10/9c!

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