Our Top 5 Bella & Noel (Yes, JWOWW's Dogs) Moments Of All Time

As soon as JWOWW brought her two pups into the "Jersey Shore" house back on Season 3, we fell head-over-paws in love with the little furballs. Bella and Noel Farley have nabbed far more screen time than Angelina ever did, and frankly, we can't get enough of their antics. In fact, Jenni's children pooches have so much swag, they effortlessly put every cute cat video to shame. How, you ask? Let us count the ways:

1. Dogs to dye for. In the last episode of "Snooki & JWOWW," while Jenni and Roger were busy mending their issues over burgers, Nicole bathed Bella and Noel in hues that would make Barbie proud. Bella rocked the pink while Noel (the "tomboy-slash-lesbian") pranced around in purple. The multi-talented bitch even blogged about her new Barney get-up--how awesome is that? Hey, PETA! Before you get pissy, the dye is perfectly healthy and organic, mmmkay?

2. Bella comes to Snooki's defense. Earlier this season of "S&J," while Jenni was busy dodging nude classmates in cooking class, Nicole was volunteering at a doggie daycare. When Snooks encountered a bunch of feisty jumpers in the dog pen, Bella quickly came to the defense of her mama's bestie, and the two bonded. Awh!

3. Talk about a crappy situation. Back on Season 3 of "Jersey Shore," while SamRon's love was fluctuating and Jenni was actually excited to bang Roger, Mike was busy making a mess of the house with Bella and Noel's body fluids. The devious housemate fed the poor pups a toxic concoction of Doritos, old pizza, peanut butter and garbage, which led the pair to No. 1 and 2 all over the house. So mean! But quite memorable.

4. Pauly D mocks the pooches. After Jenni went to rescue her babies post-breakup from the horrid Tom, Pauly poked fun of JWOWW's pro-pet frenzy, claiming he needed to run home to his hungry goldfish. Along with Mike's hamsters and Ronnie's mouse. C'mon, PD! These are J's kiddos we're talkin' about, have a heart!

5. Vinny talks smack with Bella. In this precious "Jersey Shore" bonus clip, Vinny chats up a gangstified Bella...with a little help from Pauly D, of course. It's absolutely adorbs. Canine spin-off, perhaps? Please?

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