Witness The 'Jersey Shore Effect' In Action [Video]

If you're trolling this blog on the regular, you're most likely a big fan of "Jersey Shore"...unless, that is, you're one of those jerks who intentionally serves up Internet Haterade in procrastination of, well, living your life. (Note to sandman1992: Get lost.) The point is, whether or not you love the series, hate the series or love/hate the series, the effect it's had on our modern day culture is undeniable.

The ways in which our fashion, vocabulary and even our perceptions of "celebrity" have altered since the dawn of GTL are numerous. Call it "The Jersey Shore Effect," or, to steal from someone else: CHANGE. Remember when animal print was reserved only for undergarments and hookers? Remember when grenades were lethal weapons and the word "situation" didn't call to mind a freshly oiled six-pack? Remember being when called a "meatball" meant...absolutely nothing? We can't, nor do we want to.

Check out this video for a deeper understanding of BJS vs. AJS (Before Jersey Shore vs. After Jersey Shore):

Keep checking back at Remote Control for ongoing coverage of the series' last hurrah.

Photos: Matthias Clamor

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