The Answer To Why Farrah Calls Her Father By His First Name [Video]

For anyone who's ever been confused over whether or not Michael is Farrah's biological father, and why exactly she has so much resentment directed toward him, an essential piece of their sometimes puzzling relationship was revealed on last night's "Teen Mom Finale Special: Part 1."

Yes, Michael is her dad, and yes, there's a reason she doesn't call him that.

When Farrah took the stage to provide an update on her post-"Teen Mom" life, she was considerably less closed-off than we're accustomed to seeing her with Dr. Drew. She tearfully explained that her parents weren't completely there for her long before she had Sophia--there was lots of fighting and extended trips to her grandparents' house, which ultimately led to Debra and Michael getting divorced. "It's hard to call your parents mom and dad when you've lost respect for them," she candidly told the doc during the special.

So why, then, does Farrah not refer to her mother as Debra? "If I were to call my mom Debra, I think she would have a really hard time with that," she said. "Pretty much everyone in my family bullies [Michael] into [that treatment]."

+ What do you make of Farrah calling her father by his first name? Watch the clip of her conversation with Dr. Drew, then share your opinions in the comments.

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