Tyler Posey's Band, Lost In Kostko, Will Open For Famous Pop-Punk Group

The guys of Lost in Kostko lounge during a photo shoot.

Very few folks are ever lucky enough to interact with their idols (why batting practice with Teddy Ballgame never happened, we'll never know...), but Tyler Posey of "Teen Wolf" and his band are among them, and the guys of Lost in Kostko will soon tear up the stage with one of Ty's favorite pop-punk groups. The four-man band will open up for The Ataris later this week, and with the Video Music Awards looming, the start of September is definitely high time for MTV music.

"I'm so totally honored and stoked I think I'm gonna pee, but I'll save it for the show," Posey recently tweeted about the upcoming performance, which is set for September 9 at The Roxy in West Hollywood, and will also feature Nothington and The Cartunes. No word yet on whether the crowd will remain fully human through the night, but who says the Kanima can't enjoy some live tunes, right?

Check out how to get your hands on some tickets, and if you wind up making your way over, let us know how it goes!

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Photo: Lost In Kostko Facebook page