Lauren Conrad Opens Up About Her Post-'Hills' Love Life

Lauren Conrad strolls around West Hollywood in June.

Lauren Conrad wore her mascara-stained tears on her sleeve across each episode of the "The Hills," but once the cameras went down, so did any insight into her personal relationships. Rumors about boyfriends have come to the surface in the press, but LC has never, herself, given so much as an itty-bitty detail on her love life since she left Spencer and Heidi's wedding, and effectively, the iconic MTV series. In a recent blog entry, though, she did her best to settle a reader's concerns about being twentysomething and single, and opened up about her own heartbreak in the process.

An "Ask Lauren" reader told the best-selling author she was tired of going to her pals' weddings without a date, and LC responded that she could definitely relate. "I was in a similar place last year," she started. "Twenty-five, newly single and helping one of my best friends plan her wedding, so I know how it can feel. It can be hard to feel like you have to start from scratch when you have invested so much time with a person, but shortly after my break up, I realized something: I wasn't losing the chance to have love--I was getting the opportunity to do it all over again."

Wise words! And while we can't say for sure, we have a feeling this is in reference to a guy whose name rhymes with "Shmyle." Then again, maybe it's just not our place to say...

Photo: EM43/Splash News