A Jersey City Psychic Says JWOWW Will Soon Be Engaged [Bonus Scene]

There's no need to point out that Snooki's year hasn't gone exactly as planned (PREGNANCY!), so as to ensure the next curve ball doesn't completely throw her off balance, she and JWOWW consult with a local psychic. Famed Jersey City fortune-teller Dina D. helps them sort through their auras in the bonus scene below, and the seer of all things shares one special inkling toward the end of the session: Jenni might soon be walking down the aisle!

In their best billowy outfits ("I don't want to make [the psychic] feel uncomfortable with, like, not-psychic clothes," Nicole says), the girls arrive at the fine soothsayer establishment of Dina D., who is quick to point out that Nicole might have the psychic gift, herself. "I do get vibes," she admits. "I just get these weird tingly feelings, and I just feel." Dina then warns JWOWW against pushing Roger away, and says if she keeps him close, there could be an engagement in her near future. Wonder if that's code for You should really have sex with him already.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you think a ring is in the cards for Jenni!

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