Snooki's First Few Days As A Mom: Sleepless, Blissful And Full Of Tweets!

"Snuggled up in my fuzzy leopard robe," Snooki tweeted yesterday.

When a pregnant celeb finally gives birth to her insta-famous bundle of joy, she tends to immediately get whisked off underground for at least a week or so, not to be heard from again...until the customary People cover story containing first-look pics of her little one hits newsstands. And then there's Snooki, who's been generously giving the public what they've wanted ever since Baby Lorenzo cartwheeled into the world: tweets, tweets and more tweets! We could kiss the girl for sharing so much of her new life as a madre, and apparently, she's full of thousands of kisses as well.

Nicole's days of angrily throwing wine bottles at "The Situation" are clearly behind her, as she's got nothing but love and gratitude for her child, her fiancee and her fans. Oh, and all of the foods she can finally eat again! Double oh: and BREAST FEEDING! Snooki 2.0 is the best thing to hit social media since Bahhhbwaaa Evans!

If you're not already following the blissful (and sleepless!) guidette on Twitter, you really should get your act together and take the plunge. Here's a taste of her latest updates to entice you!

"Jionni and I are the dream team at changing diapers! TEAMWORK BABE ?@JLaValle" -- 6 minutes ago

"Cant wait to pump!!! The highlight of my life." -- 45 minutes ago

"We don't sleep anymore. We just take lots of naps. Idc, as long as I'm staring at my handsome son." -- 6 hours ago

"Lorenzo is even cuter today. #imsolucky" -- 22 hours ago

"Omg. I love you. "@JLaValle: Idk what I enjoy more, watching my fiancé sleep or watching my son sleep?...Both are amazing! #Lafamiglia" -- August 27

"Im finally able to eat eggs again! While I was pregnant I couldn't even smell them! Now I'm killing it with egg whites!!! #YUM" -- August 27

"Thank you all for your love and support!! Lorenzo loves you guys already!" -- August 26

For ongoing coverage of Snooki's baby, stay tuned to Remote Control!

Photo courtesy of snookinic on Instagram