A Little Help For Our 'Inbetweeners' Friends: On The Topics Of Lemons, Jorts And Wet Willies

Those four naive boys comprising "The Inbetweeners" are entertaining without a doubt, but sometimes you just want to throw 'em a helping hand, or the world's largest lifeboat, to rescue them from death by humiliation. Each week, we're spotlighting the guys' most embarrassing moments from the current episode, and detailing how someone a teensy bit smoother might've wiggled their way out of the situation. Consider it a service to you, dear reader, so you never have to endure the same kind of ongoing shame.

The scenario: Simon was pumped about being gifted a car from his parents because it meant he could give Carly a ride (minds out of the gutter, people!), but the perennial Friend Zone-dweller quickly realized he had bigger problems to deal with, namely that his new automobile was seriously lame. And, just when things couldn't have possibly gotten any worse, Jay knocked off the passenger side door, Simon got stuck lugging it around Sunshine Mountain and the group returned to the parking lot to discover that the fluorescent coupe was covered in graffiti.

The takeaway: Straight up, Simon's ride was a total lemon, and not just because it was "Muppet yellow," as Neil pointed out. But if the boys had put their noggins together, they could've made it work. The graffiti was the perfect excuse to have Neil's body shop connection paint the entire thing bright red, because any cherry-colored hunk of junk will pass as more of a sports car than its ugly, off-gold counterpart. (Don't believe us? What color is Carly's boyfriend's car? Exactly.)

A bucket of shiny lacquer wouldn't have spared the whole door sitch, but you know what might have? Using that sheet of metal to make some cash that could ultimately upgrade the clunker. A nice little puppet show outside of Sunshine Mountain's entrance might've also earned some dough, and if Carly happened to see Simon enriching the lives of America's youth? Well, let's just say women are totally into that sorta thing.

The scenario: Neil changed out of his parrot costume at the amusement park only to find that his clothes had been stolen. Again. Luckily, there was a lost and found bin in the locker room, and someone (man? woman? child? we'll never know...) carelessly left behind the teeniest, tiniest pair of jean cutoffs, along with a crop top no man should be caught dead in.

The takeaway: For most teenage guys, getting stuck in girls' bottoms would be a social disaster, but considering Neil had already done it once accidentally with his sister's skinny jeans, at least he was prepared. It may not have been the most flattering two-piece ensemble, but it was fun, summery and let his belly breathe! Considering the guy's long legs could sorely benefit from a tan, we say the lanky Inbetweener should just OWN them jorts and make 'em part of his trademark look. If Pauly D could become famous for a blowout, Neil can surely do it with some barely-there denim.


The scenario: Jay kept calling shotgun, making up the rules to shotgun, changing the rules to shotgun and just really wouldn't let Will go anywhere near the front passenger seat, even though an accompanying door was eventually left behind.

The takeaway: Uh, hello?! Ever heard of backseat wet willies? C'mon, people of Grove High. No one wants to be the guy in front if it means constant spit-soaked finger attacks from behind. Problem solved!

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