Unhinge That Jaw For The Snooki Burger And Baby Lorenzo Slider!

Snooki enjoys some chow in Seaside Heights last summer.

If you only need a quick nosh, there are always pickles, and if a more substantive snack is in order, the Snooki Sandwich is lunch bag-ready. But if you think you can make an entire sit-down meal out of meatball Nicole Polizzi's and her new mini-meatball's likenesses, there are now official restaurant entrees available in their honor! From the "Jersey Shore" kitchen to yours...

National chain BGR The Burger Joint has officially announced the re-launch of the Snooki Burger, which will appear on all of its locations' menus until September 30, and little else sounds more Wet Nap-worthy. The plate includes a hormone-free, grain-fed beef patty topped with grilled jalapeno, a slice of Philadelphia cream cheese and the company's signature mojo sauce (all on a brioche bun!). And if that's not enough to leave you satisfied, each order comes with a free "slider" version of the same burger. Aww, like mother, like son...

Stomach grumbling? Check out the BGR location closest to you and let us know how it is!

The mommy-and-son burger and slider in all their glory.

+ Get the full story of Lorenzo's birth at MTV News, and for ongoing coverage of Snooki's baby, stay tuned to Remote Control!

Photos: Mejia/Asadorian/Splash News and BWF