Nikki Deloach Is On A Mission To Pull Britney, JT And Others Out Of Obscurity [Video]

Isn't it the worst to watch your talented friends fall short of their potential? Former Mouseketeer and "Awkward" mom Nikki Deloach knows the feeling all too well, and after spending days alongside MMCers Britney Spears (who?) and Justin Timberlake (never heard of him...), she's on a mission to bring the no-names to light. Admirable, yes, but we're not holding our breath--she's certainly got her work cut out for her.

Ever since we learned the woman behind Lacey Hamilton was a '90s pop star, Nikki's had trouble keeping her fame under wraps, but--being the sweet southern gal that she is--she's now decidedly on a mission to share the limelight. In a COMPLETELY REAL AND NOT-AT-ALL STAGED interview below, Nikki talks about her current project of reaching into her past and helping her friends who fell through the cracks finally make it big. "Christina Aguilera--I mean, one of the greatest voices," Nikki says of her former friend. "If only you could hear her sing....And Keri Russell. Keri Russell! Beautiful, gorgeous, talented actress, and nobody knows who she is!" Man, if only they'd gotten their breaks...

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you're willing to give these run-of-the-mill faces a shot. Who knows? Maybe they'll eventually see their heyday.

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