They Talk A Big Game, But Which 'Inbetweener' Might Actually Get Laid?

Like many guys in grades 9 through 12, Jay, Simon, Neil and Will of "The Inbetweeners" have one thing on their minds: women. Simon's fixated on girl-next-door Carly, Jay's fixated on bras and Neil...well, he might actually be more fixated on that crumpled-up tin foil in the corner. Still, they'd all like to think sex is an eventual given. Right? Riiiight?

There's a reason these friends hold four V-Cards between them. It became abundantly clear after tonight's episode that in spite of their big talk, each of the four pals is a long way from any bed built for more than sleeping. Simon finally got his driver's license just before a road trip to Sunshine Mountain, but proved he was greener than his 16 years would indicate by soaking Carly's white shirt with one of the park's squirt-gun games (classy!). Will, who was more concerned with getting to the front of the roller-coaster's line than acting on any dating impulse, demonstrated that he's still cripplingly meek, and though Jay was bold by contrast, he was confused by Simon's little brother as "that fat redheaded girl." Finally, Neil revealed he spends his weekends dressed up as a life-sized bird for a part-time job at Sunshine Mountain, and when his shift was over, he was forced to sport jean cutoffs and a crop top because his clothes had been stolen in the park's locker room. Even Rico wasn't this suave, folks.

+ It's entirely possible these guys might be headed down the 40-Year-Old Virgin path, but do you think any of them can put his money where his mouth is and eventually seal the deal? Take our poll, and tell us who has the best chance of getting lucky before the school year's over.

Which guy is actually likeliest to get laid?

  • Neil
  • Jay
  • Simon
  • Will

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