MTV Twitter Roundup: Deena's Turtles May Or May Not Be Having Sex

Floppy and Steel: Just friends, or maybe more...?

She sleeps downstairs from a Smush Room, so what else would you expect her pets to be doing? Deena Nicole of "Jersey Shore" recently tweeted a photo of her two turtle pals possibly getting down, but we needed a bit more than the meatball's word to buy it. In order to say with certainty that the creatures were, in fact, having sex, we did a little research, and it turns out, her claim is very likely. Animal expert Karma Williams says it's often the case that a male turtle will rush his female mate and mount her, but that she "usually appears completely normal and disinterested, like she is just resting or basking." We were considering including a diagram as well, but each were equally terrifying and worthy of self-inflicted blindness.


Elsewhere across the MTV social media sphere, Jasmine and Frank both weighed in on how the "Challenge" trailer portrays them in completely new lights ("kisses" for the enemy?!) and LaToya didn't exactly buy the idea that Swift's church-going made him a saint on "Real World." Her roommate Marie tried to spare herself from judgment over what she seeks in a relationship, while Vinny Guadagnino of "Jersey Shore," who's been dating  Pauly D for quite some time, broke our hearts by breaking his.

+ Check out what MTV's best and brightest had to say this week on Twitter below:

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Photo courtesy of @DeenaNicoleMTV

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