'The Challenge' Spy Cam: Wes Pushes Melinda To Consider Remarrying Danny

"The Challenge: Battle of the Seasons" doesn't air until September 19, but Remote Control is helping you get an early look at the sheer cray that went down in Turkey via our insider Spy Cam. With former friends and rivals from past seasons of "Real World" teaming up for cash, this cycle is overflowing with romance, cutthroat competition and, of course, drama--and so is the early footage we're leaking! Check back with the blog right up until the premiere episode for exclusive access to vids showcasing the new batch of players.

When "Real World" went down to Austin, the relationship that developed between Danny, the strong, sensitive guy next door, and Melinda, the all-American blonde bombshell, seemed like it was ripped from the pages of an illustrated story book (we've even got the photo album to prove it!). By the end of their season, the pair were an official couple, and Melinda moved from Wisconsin to Boston so that she and Danny could begin a new life together. Unlike so many other reality show 'ships, this one made its way to the altar in 2008, and they lived happily ever after for two years.

Danny and Melinda ultimately got divorced, but, as evidenced by the Spy Cam video below, the former Mr. and Mrs. have maintained a--dare we say--friendship! And, with old roomie Wes (himself a victim of the "Real World" relationship bug) playing (re)matchmaker in Bodrum, Melinda is reminded of what she could have had if her marriage lasted (apparently a sword?).

+ Think Melinda and Danny will be able to put their past behind them and work together as a team? Check out the clip and share your thoughts!

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