Who's Leaving Cryptic Comments On Jenna's Blog?

Jenna spent the first season of "Awkward" trying to discover whose poison pen inked the infamous "Carefrontation" letter, and when she finally figured out her own mother was its author, her world was torn apart. This season, though, anonymous messages might prove to be a source of salvation, as her blog's lone commenter seems to be the only person in her corner, as well as the only person who knows the truth about her past with Matty. So who is it?

Since Jenna re-jumpstarted her blog back on New Year's Eve, a mysterious Internet-dweller has been leaving remarks on what she thought was a private account inaccessible to all others. Tonight, the user posted to Jenna's "Damaged Goods" entry that he/she/it? was a friend worthy of the teenager's trust, but just when Jenna was starting to feel a sense of comfort that someone else knew the truth about her Matty affair, the invisible supporter wrote: "Maybe I shouldn't." WHAT THE HELL DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?

+ We never expected Lacey Hamilton was capable of writing the "Carefrontation" letter, so we won't count anyone out. Tell us: Who is the "I Am Jenna" commenter?

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