'Awkward.' Relationship Roulette: Which Pairs Have The Best Odds At Long Term Success?

Relationships ain't easy, but last week's "Awkward" blessed us with enough poorly timed kisses, love triangles and lust-fueled dysfunction to make Roger and JWOWW's rocky romance look like a walk on the shore. Jenna's Matty vs. Jake dilemma is merely one example of hearts-gone-haywire this season. So, of all the potential couples* on the show, which duos do you think have the best shot at long-term success? Let us review:

Jenna and Matty. The pit-sniffer popped J-Town's cherry at summer camp and then gave her the cold shoulder (well, in public). The moment she found a BF, though, he was all over that Hamilton pie like Sadie at a Sarcasm Convention. Last we saw, homeboy was locking lips with Lil' Bitch. Right in front of Jake's face.

Jenna and Jake. While they have yet to consummate the relationship (despite broadcasting their decision over the PHHS loud speaker), the pair did both utter I-love-yous. They also broke up, thanks to some scandy info that was kept a secret far too long. Oh, and there's also the fact that when Jake went to make things right with Jenna, he caught her making out with Matty.

Matty and Courtney. They had Valentine's Day dinner together and played video games. She has Blake Lively hair. That's about it.

Sadie and Ricky. Ricky calls Sadie "dollface" and whispers sweet nothings into her ear while she all but spits in his face. The only reason we say these two aren't absolutely perfect together is because Ricky totally flew his tool flag by hitting on Tamara at Aunt Ally's wedding.

Ricky and Tamara. Tamara caught the bitchy head cheerleader making out with the band geek-slash-playa and promptly peed herself. The on-again-off-again duo could work if Ricky weren't currently infatuated with the Queen Bee-otch. And if he could find a way to keep his lips attached to one girl, and one girl only.

Lacey and Ben. Hot Mama Hamilton's old high school boyfriend has resurfaced and made it his mission to reignite the flame. The smooth-talker's plan worked, as he was caught smooching Mrs. H. during Ally's wedding reception. But Lacey's husby took notice of the pair's slow dance, which might just motivate him enough to work on the marriage.

Lacey and Kevin. The couple with the most to lose, Jenna's mom and dad have been on the rocks ever since it was revealed that Lacey wrote that awful, nasty thing we desperately try to forget about Carefrontation letter. We hope these two can work out their issues fast, or Val is gonna be all over that ish.

Aunt Ally and Her New Husby. Ally met her guy at an airport, instantly got engaged and was married weeks later. He happens to be Sadie's uncle, which means he's rollin' in the Benjamins, and his taste in women is on par with his new wife's taste in bridesmaid hairdos. Seeing as Ally blacked out at her own wedding, we're not sure what to make of this new couple.

*Sadly, we don't know enough about Ming and her Black Hearts beau to even speculate.

+ Who do you think will make it into Season 3? Share your opinions in the comments!

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