What Would 'Jersey Shore' (And The World) Have Become If Snooki Left On Season 1?

Watch any time travel film and you're reminded of how every decision you make--no matter how minor it may seem--steers you on a course that affects everyone and everything around you. What could have been drastically differs from what came to be all because of one or two often unmemorable events. For example, if Marty McFly had never flicked his teenage mom off his jock, the guy would have either a) never been born or b) ended up with "Hills Have Eyes"-reminiscent babies. And, if Snooki had actually left the "Jersey Shore" house back on Season 1 like she threatened, we would have had writer's block since 2009. Just imagine...

In this alternate reality (show) devoid of Snooks, animal print would have never made a comeback and meatballs would never have taken human form. She would have never met Bernard, who turned out to be named Jionni, and made a baby with him! And we would have never EVER typed the non-word "guidette" over 1,682 times. (You can fact-check that if you'd like.) In general, things would've just kinda sucked.

Luckily, we need not dwell on what ifs, as international superstar Snooki isn't going anywhere, even with "Jersey Shore" ending after Season 6. But if you can't recall the time she almost changed the world as we know it by abandoning Seaside Heights forever, relive the moment here:

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