Get Your First Look At 'The Challenge: Battle Of The Seasons'! [Video]

It. Is. Going. DOWN! For the new "Challenge," MTV rounded up eight teams of four based on their "Real World" season, and judging by the competitors that were chosen, we're in for another wild ride. These guys barely managed to survive living together before, and now they need to do it all over again while trying to win the massive payday!

We've got your first look at how the adventure in Bodrum, Turkey, will unfold over the weeks, and it's just as bananas as Johnny himself, who's bowed out this time around, leaving it up to a brand new crop of drama majors to fight for his current championship title. We're bettin' all our poker chips, couch cushion change and anything valuable on our wrists that Wes and his "Real World: Austin" costars Lacey, Melinda and Danny will start the season off strong, despite the group's messed up history: "My team is my ex-wife, and my old best friend, who threw me under the bus last 'Challenge,'" says Danny in the trailer below. Oof.

The game's finalists will have to trek their way through a never-ending Turkish desert to get to the pot of gold, and we can't wait to see whose thirst for the money wins out. Start counting down the days 'til the premiere on Wednesday, September 19, and check out the video for a taste of what's to come!

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