Relive The Birth Of 'GTL' [Video]

Not long ago, squats at the gym, some time in a tanning bed and a load of whites were separate entities with no ostensible unity. Then, "Jersey Shore" came along, and bench presses, bronzer and tumble dry-cycles would never be the same.

When Pauly D and "The Situation" first moved into the Seaside Heights house in 2009, it was immediately clear that keeping up appearances was a non-negotiable for both. It wasn't until their mutual love of self-health came to light, though, that they truly bonded, and daily trips to the gym, tanning salon and laundromat were celebrated. "These kids are robots," Vinny observed of his housemates, who GTLed as regularly as they brushed their teeth. He and we wondered how many tank tops one person can foul in a single day, but Mike assured us: "If the outfit doesn't look good, the whole package is off." The puzzle, we slowly realized, would be incomplete if any single piece was out of place.

Now that the story of eight people picked to live in a "Shore" house is coming to an end, we wanted to remind viewers how exactly the GTL ritual came to be, as even if the group moves on from our TV screens, there will always be treadmills to power-walk backwards on, colors to sort and melanin to awaken.

Take a seat on your freshly fluffed duvet cover and relive the inaugural GTL:

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