Waka Flocka Flame Outs Himself As A 'Teen Mom' Groupie!

Ben Savage has officially pledged allegiance to the "Awkward" flag, and it's safe to say that EVERYONE has suffered through at least one bout of "Jersey Shore" fever, but "Teen Mom" just recruited a pretty unlikely groupie. Hip hop star and "POV" performer Waka Flocka Flame recently alerted his followers on Instagram that he's among the show's faithful, and once Maci caught onto his fandom, the two MTV features made one of the oddest social media connections we've seen yet.

"It's not every day that @WakaFlockaBSM Instagrams a picture of U!" Maci tweeted after taking notice of the fact that the rapper had taken notice of her "Waka Flocka" top, which she wore on an episode of "Teen Mom." (Confused? Just call it "meta.") More impressively, the screenshot was clearly snapped from the comfort of Waka's own couch, proving that the "Magic" MC was watching the show for his own enjoyment! Hey, we've all got our guilty pleasures.

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Photo courtesy of @WakaFlockaBSM on Instagram