Everything You Need To Know About 'The Inbetweeners,' Premiering Tonight!

Tonight's the night you've been waiting for, people (given, of course, that you're like us, and you plan your entire social calendar around watching TV shows). For weeks, you've been getting a generous helping of high school hijinks from Jenna, Matty and the rest of the "Awkward" crew, but starting this evening at 10:30/9:30c, you'll have a whole new reason to loiter around fictional study halls and locker rooms. "The Inbetweeners" is coming your way in just a few hours, and to prepare you, we've put together some Cliff's Notes on the new series...

Get ready for some serious shenans. We know from the trailer that the four-guy clique gets crazy-schwastey in the premiere, leading them to deface private property, rip the door off their "Ford Celibacy" and become worse-than-pantsed by a group of cell phone shutterbugs. Being in the middle of the popularity spectrum means they don't have their pick of the hot female lab partners, but they do have one hell of a time outside of class.

They're friends...somehow. Will, the know-it-all n00b, thinks his newfound friends are a bunch of doofuses when he meets them on his first day at Grove High. Doofuses they may be, but these insta-bros are friggin' fantastic to watch. Neil's a long-haired surfer-type who's adorably dim. Jay, the inappropriate class clown, has his moments of genius, but let's just say his advice is chock full of tips we wouldn't recommend Will (or anyone for that matter) attempt to follow. And Simon, the sweetheart who's totally whipped on his childhood crush, Carly D'Amato, tries so hard to impress the ladies and just...doesn't. Basically, they've got nothing in common with each other, but somehow they all just fit together perfectly.

Freakazoids? Try again. They may humiliate themselves on a daily basis, but they're not at the sad bottom rung of the social totem pole with, oh, the "wall-eaters." Then again, they're not exactly swingin' home runs on the field or in their rocky-roaded love lives, either. But who cares if these boys aren't ripped enough to be the object of their crush's insta-affections? Being football captain takes up valuable time they could be spending mackin' on 7th graders! Yep, that happens.

Warning: You might just find yourself smitten. We know, we know, we're supposed to think their inability to play it cool and accident-prone nature is eye-rollingly silly, but there's something impossibly sweet about these boys that's just begun to have its surface scratched. (The words "Simon + Carlye 4Eva" may or may not have already graced our vintage Trapper Keeper.)

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