MTV Announces Final 'Jersey Shore' Season, Cast Reacts With Mixed Emotions

The "Jersey Shore" family poses for their final group photo in Seaside Heights.

The rumblings were true, indeed. MTV confirms today that Season 6 of "Jersey Shore" will signify the beginning of the end for the series, which made international icons out of eight and a half (can't count out Angelina--she gave at least a 50 percent effort) self-proclaimed guidos and guidettes. With nicknames uttered more often than pop culture bloggers type in all caps--nicknames such as Snooki, "The Situation" and SamRon--their Crayola bright faces and allegiance to animal print will always be remembered fondly. But now it's time to say goodbye.

Having to announce the final season of "Jersey Shore" is a bit devastating for us here at Remote Control. What other hour of television will ever produce trending topics such as #twinning, #wizardofass or #crabsarehere? When will we ever have the opportunity to ponder aloud the construction of a Clone-A-Pu**y? And what other show will EVER (all caps!) allow us to (narrowly) skirt past Human Resources guidelines involving vulgarity in the workplace?

Eh, we're sure MTV will think of something.

We will endure, but will the stars of "Jersey Shore"? If they stockpiled some of their product endorsement earnings (who wants some Xenadrine?), then yes, we're betting they'll be OK. But at the moment, they had the following to say about their last run together on the network:

+ How do you feel about the news? Share your reactions and #RIPs, plus tune in Thursday, Sept. 6 at 6:00 p.m. ET leading up to the "2012 VMAs" when MTV gives viewers a first look at footage from the final season in its "Jersey Shore" special, "Gym, Tan, Look Back."

Keep checking back at Remote Control for ongoing coverage of the series' last hurrah.

Photo: Matthias Clamer