Snooki Makes It Clear: If Jionni Cheats, She (And Her Baby) Are Out! [Sneak Peek]

Every couple has to make certain compromises for a relationship to work, but Snooki has one stipulation that's not up for debate: No pictures with other girls, Jionni! After bitching out her fiance for mingling with other women at a bar (as evidenced by pictures posted online), and then promptly hanging up the phone when he says she's "not ready to be a mom," Jionni calls his baby mama back for Round 2 in this sneak peek of Thursday's "Snooki & JWOWW."

He tries to convince her the chick she saw him with was his little cousin, but Nicole is skeptical, and the further the argument goes, the less understanding she becomes. "When I see sh** like that, I don't want to be engaged to someone who f***ing does that," she yells. Later, the sullen guidette is shown in the Confessional admitting that her fears are based on the possibility of Jionni cheating, and that if she were to discover he's been unfaithful, she and her baby would be O-U-T.

+ Check out the clip below and tell us if you think Nicole is being reasonable, or if she should cut Jionni some slack. Maybe we're dealing with a case of projection...?

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