That's What You Said...About The New Alpha Wolf Pack

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The "Teen Wolf" Season 2 finale tied up 12 episodes' worth of loose ends (Kanima, anyone?), but one plot turn that perhaps nobody saw coming was the invasion of a new Alpha wolf pack to Beacon Hills. It wasn't clear why they were coming, or what exactly its members' intentions were, but as Isaac observed its emblem etched onto the side of the Hale house, Peter pointed out that they had officially arrived. And he didn't say it with a smile.

Now that Season 3 of the show has been confirmed, it's only a matter of time before we learn what the pack of dominant shape-shifters wants with the town that just cant seem to catch a break. Check out what "Teen Wolf" fans speculated about the Alpha pack on Remote Control and Facebook, and tell us if you've got any more theories a-brewin'!

Remote Control:

"I have a feeling that we are gonna see a lot of bloodshed between the Alphas until one is picked" -- Elizabeth

"I'd like to see a female Alpha getting close to Derek and a fight between Derek and her leader at the end of Season 3. Maybe Derek will win and he becomes the new Alpha pack leader. That would be great." -- Alpha

"Maybe they want the territory. But the question is, with the strongest werewolves teamed up together, does an Alpha pack have a leader?" -- Miska


"I wonder if they're seeking revenge against the hunters. I wouldn't be surprised if the hunters have reaped what they've sown." -- Linda F.

"The Alpha pack is going to bring a whole ton of drama for Derek. I think they may try to recruit him and give him some kind of ultimatum that will only mean trouble for all the Betas. I expect that all the Betas are going to get their butts whipped." -- Andrew A.

"I think they're coming for Derek. Peter said the Alpha pack takes notice when there's a new Alpha, and I think they're recruiting Alphas for a much bigger reason. He'll say no, and that's when they'll start going after Scott and everybody else." -- Dominique S.

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