Lemony Snicket Calls Out Lauren Conrad For Hacking Up His Books

Crafting, a seemingly innocent hobby generally reserved for rainy Sunday afternoons, is now the subject of literary upheaval, and poor Lauren Conrad is to blame. "The Hills" star was routinely helping her website's followers find feng shui for their work spaces yesterday morning as part of her "Crafty Creations" series when she unknowingly made a controversial move that would echo across the Internet: She took an X-ACTO knife to a collection of Lemony Snicket works and made them into confetti. Oops!

LC's project, which involved gluing the books' bindings to what would become a library-themed shelf (it is pretty clever) came under fire almost instantly by web heavy-hitters like BuzzFeed and Gawker (the latter of which tweeted "Lauren Conrad's destruction of literature turns literal, as she slices apart books to the sounds of a soothing guitar."), and Lauren ultimately took the video down to spare herself any further injury. She wouldn't find safety in hiding, though, as Lemony Snicket himself later provided unfriendly comment to Slate about the hacking up of his books:

"It has always been my belief that people who spend too much time with my work end up as lost souls, drained of reason, who lead lives of raving emptiness and occasional lunatic violence. What a relief it is to see this documented."

+ Certainly not a sunny day in SoCal. BuzzFeed managed to keep a version of the video alive--take a look, and tell us if you think LC's demonstration was really all that bad.

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