A Half-Naked Cooking Classmate Leaves JWOWW Speechless [Bonus Scene]

Organizing your workspace and prepping ingredients are key elements to successful cooking. Taking off your shirt and bra? That's a new one. In the "Snooki & JWOWW" bonus scene below, JWOWW's culinary classmate has Julia Child rolling over in her grave with some bold kitchen decorum, and even the guidette--who's peed behind a bar, if you'll recall--is taken aback by just how wild the older woman is.

The ladies get off on the wrong foot when the newcomer asks to taste JWOWW's electronic cigarette, and from there, matters get much worse. "This chick" interrupts a lecture to ask if booze is often provided, spills a glass of wine and, most frighteningly, terrifies Jenni into thinking she, herself, will act just like that in 15 years. Luckily, she seems to be on a saner path. "This is tapas class, not topless class," Jenni observes of her suddenly half-nude classmate. Eat your heart out, Home Ec.

+ Check out the video, and tell us if you're surprised to see Jenni shocked by the woman's behavior. Maybe she's a little colorful for the classroom, but she hardly compares to some of Karma's clientele...

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