Just Wondrin'...Will Gramps Survive 'Til Season 3 of 'Teen Wolf'?

Gerard took the crazy cake (Mrs. Argent, what?), icing and all, during Monday's "Teen Wolf" season finale. Sure, we knew the Kanima's new master was a douche, but the true depth of his black heart was revealed in full when the elderly Argent not only bitch-slapped our beloved Stiles but willingly offered up his family members' lives to save his own.

Even Allison, blinded by avenging her mother's death, finally saw her mentor's true colors. "When it comes to survival, I'd kill my own son," he shouted just before taking the bite from Derek.

Thank the full moon that our hero, Scott, was just a few steps ahead of Gerard, having laced the old fart's cancer meds with the poisonous Mountain Ash. Just when Grandpa was about to go all wolfman on us, he spewed enough black s**t to cover the state of Texas, and then collapsed on the floor. And then his body disappeared. What the fudge?

Oddly enough, no one seemed to care about G's mysterious departure, because Jackson's now okay (despite his new supernatural side job) and Lydia loves him! Everything is back to normal, except for that damn pack of Alphas. But... DOESN'T ANYONE ELSE THINK IT'S WEIRD THAT GERARD IS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND? We're worried. What do you think?

+ Is old-man Argent really dead? Is he with the Alpha pack? Buried under a house like the formerly dead Peter Hale? Share your theories!

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