What Does The New 'Teen Wolf' Alpha Pack Want With Beacon Hills?

So, Jackson finally got the gift he's been, uh, dying for on tonight's "Teen Wolf" finale: a werewolf side job. After enduring a handful of assumed deaths and reincarnations, the love he felt for Lydia finally helped him expel the toxin that twisted him into a pus-oozing Kanima. But even though the immediate threat to Beacon Hills was gone, Peter (ah, now we know why he's back...) and Derek had a dire message to send: There's an entirely new pack of Alphas, and its members are already in town.

We don't know whether the pack's arrival signals good or evil, but judging by the looks on Erica's and Boyd's faces when they encountered the creatures in the woods, things certainly don't look promising. Peter pointed out to Isaac that Derek had been desperate to recruit more teammates so that he'd be able to contend with the new Alphas, but now that two-thirds of Team Hale have jumped ship, any battle left to face will definitely prove tough.

+ What do you think the Alpha Pack means for Beacon Hills, and if there's a fight, will Scott help Derek? Will new werewolf Jackson? Give us your final thoughts on "Teen Wolf" Season 2, and tell us what you hope Season 3 will bring!

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