Was It A Mistake For Snooki To Go On Spring Break? In A Word, Yes.

Just as when JWOWW practically caused a death-by-Roger riot in Seaside by sporting a bikini-dress out to a packed club, an all-girls Cancun trip seemed like a fun idea at first during tonight's episode, but the second thoughts hit with the strength of pure grade mescaline when they all showed up to party and one of them was still pregnant. (Never has the "Wherever you go, there you are" adage felt so poignant.) See, the probs with having a bun "really good bread" in the oven while vacationing with your skinny, unengaged, non-pregnant friends is that...wait, do we really even need to explain?

And we heard no trace of objection upon asking the BFFs in the below "Snooki & JWOWW Confessional" clip if they'd left their brains in the home spray-tan booth while booking the tickets to Mexico. "I definitely regret going to Cancun," says the now 8-months preggers Snooki. "It made me feel very unconscious...or, self-conscious about myself." (Nice recovery!)

While Jenni maintains that the trip had much potential for her, she, too, has regrets: "I don't think it was a good idea," she says. "If [Nicole] was to do Cancun, it should have been with our boyfriends, and not in the way that we were doing it with our girlfriends."

+ Watch the video, and comment whether you think Snooks should have sat this one out. Regardless, count her in for Spring Break 2028--she's sure to make a great wingman for her teenage son.

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